+ Do I need to be employed?

+ Do I need to have a driver’s licence?

+ What type of finance do you offer?

+ Is there any guarantee on a vehicle?

+ May I choose my own vehicle?

+ Who can apply?

+ Can I purchase a vehicle from my own dealership?

+ Where do I take delivery of my car?

+ I have a trade in, can you assist?

+ Why is the deposit so high?

+ Are there any fees involved?

+ Where can I find a vehicle?

+ I am not a SA Citizen, but have a legal passport, can I apply?

+ Can I purchase the vehicle on my partner’s name?

+ Can I sell the vehicle before the end of my contract?

+ Up to what year models are available?

+ Who is liable for the maintenance of the vehicle?

+ Who is liable for traffic fines?

+ My application has been declined by you, may I apply again?

+ What is your salary requirement?

+ I am ITC listed, can I apply?

+ I am listed as a slow payer, can I apply?

+ I have bad credit against my name, can I apply?

+ I am under debt review, administration or declared insolvent; can I apply for vehicle finance?

+ Do you require a deposit?

+ What is the minimum installment?

+ How long is the repayment term?

+ What does this installment include?

+ Will I become the owner of the vehicle?

+ Where do I apply for vehicle finance?

+ Do you have a vehicle showroom?

+ When can I view the vehicles?

+ How long will the vehicle finance application take?

+ Is the vehicle AA inspected?

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