Sell your vehicle, while you Drive

Sell your car for cash, and you don’t have to be without a vehicle.

Loans Acceptable also have an option to arrange cash for you.

  • The vehicle you want to sell, must be a paid-up vehicle, and registered in your name.

  • This option will give you cash in your bank, up to 48 hours after the tracker system was install in your vehicle.

  • You must bring your vehicle to our office in Pretoria, for the installation of a tracker system and Signing of our contract/ agreement. This will only take +-2 hours and you can then drive of with your vehicle, thereafter.

  • Please bring original Vehicle registration document with, for the check and valuation proses. We also need 3-months bank statements, 3 payslips, copy of ID, valid driver’s licence and proof of address. (WATER AND LIGHTS BILL)

  • The vehicle licence disk must be valid, and not in arrears.

  • You may qualify for up to 50% cash value for the selling of your vehicle. This is calculated according to the trade in value and /or to a maximum of R50 000,00 and the rental agreement period after the selling of your vehicle is between 3 or up to 24 months. With agreement and understanding that you rent the vehicle till the end of the rental period. After the rental period has expired, you need to pay back your rental vehicle for the same amount that you have sold it for to the company Acceptable Auto. Please note that this product forms part of our sister company Acceptable Auto.

  • Terms and condition apply


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