Loans Acceptable can provide a client with a personal loan for asset finance. If the client’s needs to buy any product from any supplier or needs to pay a supplier for a service, Loans Acceptable is able to assist the clients with a personal loan service pay out directly to the supplier. The supplier will be sure the client buy the product from him, and Loans Acceptable will make sure the supplier will get his money for the product. Funds are paid out directly to the supplier as a third party payment. 


The Procedure

Client fill in the application form, as attached in this e-mail.  

Send the application  form to me, together with the following

a.      Clients 3 months bank statements with bank stamp on it

b.      Clear copy of ID

c.      3 x latest pay slips

d.      Proof of residence

e.      Quotation  for the product, the client wants to purchases.

Make sure the suppliers banking details are on the quotation.

Client will receive sms with OTP pin, ones loans acceptable received the application and it was captured on our system.

We will phone the client, and confirm the application.

We will give you and the client feedback of the outcome, within one working day.

When client is approved we pay you’re the supplier and send you the proof of payment, and you may deliver your product to the client.

The client can get their product, and have a personal loan account to pay.

The whole procedure takes round about 7 working days.


Please note:

Client must be SA Citizen

Client must be permanent employed for more than 3 x months.

Credit criteria based on affordability.

Only monthly earners can be assist. No weekly paid. 


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