Debt Counselling


Client Information Letter

“Pay what you can afford”

“Get immediate protection under the National Credit Act”

The National Credit Act 34 of 2005 came into full effect on 1 June 2007.

Being over indebted simply means your expenses are greater than your monthly income. In other words, you cannot afford to pay all your debt.

That’s where we come in. If you are over indebted, you are legally entitled to apply for Debt Review.


Debt Review Process

1. We will send you an assessment form which you must complete and send back, together with the documents requested on the check list. Once your completed application and all the other documents have been received, we will be able to conduct an assessment to verify your financial situation. We will then contact you with your free no obligation quote.

2. We will notify all Registered Credit Bureau’s and Credit Providers on your behalf once accepted, thereby ensuring that no more actions can be implemented against you,  provided you honour your payment arrangements.

3. For the next 60 working days you have protection under the National Credit Act, while paying the required fees, and up until the Courts have ruled over this matter.  No creditor can take any further action against you. Your assets are safe.

4.The first month you pay no one except the agreed amount to the Debt Counsellor. The second month you will start to pay the Payment Distribution Agency (PDA).

5. You will be required to pay the reduced amount in terms of the new payment schedule to a Payment Distribution Agency (PDA).

6. This will allow you to pay your creditors, while meeting your daily financial commitments.

7. You will continue to make payments to the PDA until all your debts are settled.

8. Once all your debts are settled, we will issue you with a Clearance Certificate and will notify the Credit Bureaus of your status.

You will also be able to increase your monthly payments over time, and this will mean that your debt will be settled sooner.


Please Note

1. Your financial situation will improve immediately.

2. During the debt review process you may not incur any new or additional debt until all your debt is settled. Once you have applied for Debt Review, you may NOT under any circumstances use your credit cards. If you do so, your creditors will cancel your Debt Review and you will have NO protection from them.

3. You do not need to own a home to go under Debt Review.

4. Don’t sign any forms without first consulting with your Debt Counsellor.

5. The Debt Review Process as well as the Debt Counsellors and PDAs are regulated by the NCR.

6. You do not have to attend an interview; everything can be done via telephone and email.