BEST SUITED FOR CLIENT’S WITH DEBT OVER R100 000.00, without a vehicle or house on credit.

 This will include doctor fees and old school fees.

 This process will not include any or have limited yourself the client to any responsibilities further with creditors. An attorney’s office will be appointed by Loans Acceptable for your best interest and handling the case on your behalf. You will not have to attend court during the process.

 Credit freedom could be in your hands within 24 months. Creditors will be paid according to the insolvency law of a percentage of the current outstanding balance. This could reflect of 0.22cents to the rand till 0.36cents to the rand per account that will be paid back on the account balance.


1. Your salary and other income are your own and you will not have to pay your creditors.  All your old debts that formed part of your Voluntary Surrender are written off.

2. The process can write off up to 70% of all debts that you have. This means no interest or arrears will be accumulating during this process.

3. Only your creditors are notified of the process and not your employer or any other person.  You will not be discharged from your employment as a result of it.

4. You will not have to attend Court.

5. You and your family will get used to life without debt.  You will know the difference between “needs” and “wants”.  We have many satisfied clients who do not even want to apply for Rehabilitation.  They enjoy a life without debt. Very important: FINANCIAL FREEDOM – NO MORE SLEEPLESS NIGHTS - you and your family can start afresh, a new beginning.   You do not have to be afraid of unknown numbers on your mobile.  It is better to face a problem and sort it out rather than run away from it.  It will not disappear.


1. You will be insolvent for at least the next 24 to 36 months. During this period, you will not be credit worthy. 

2. Your bank accounts will be limited to a savings account. You may not have a cheque account or a credit card facility.  You may under no circumstances engage in any debt arrangements.

3. Only a successful Application for Rehabilitation will ensure that your name is cleared. This application is normally lodged after 24 months from the court date of your Voluntary Surrender.  There are circumstances where you can apply for rehabilitation after 18 months, but this is an exception rather than the rule. 

When you apply for Voluntary Surrender just remember to tick the option of Debt Restructuring.