Double Value Deal

Loans Acceptable offers our clients a new and exciting product. Want to see the value of your money? Try our new Simcard. The benefits are double the amount you spend.

  • This offer is for pay-as-you-go clients only.
  • Keep your number, but save on the amount.
  • Buy any amount Airtime/Data and get the equivalent amount for FREE to spend in our shop or spend any amount in our shop and get the equivalent FREE in Airtime/Data.
  • You may also use the amount to buy Airtime/Data again.
  • Prices are as little as R89 per 1gb or R0.89c per minute billing (pure per second billing) per call. Follow the quick and easy link
  • Fill in our application with a copy of your ID and proof of residence to apply and send to

Terms & Conditions:

Airtime Contract will be done by Loans Acceptable, for any terms. (6 to 24 x months)

Every month, the first airtime/data purchase minimum amount is R230.00. R30.00 for the membership and R200.00 for Airtime/Data. All additional purchases of airtime/data during the same month, will be double airtime/data. For example: First R230.00 paid will give you R200.00 airtime/data, and thereafter you buy R300.00 or any amount on the web page and a top up airtime/data and get R600.00 (Double) airtime when visiting the web page. 


Click on this link and apply direct for a double deal Simcard

With double value for date or airtime. See terms & Conditions


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