Sell your vehicle, while you Drive

Sell your car for cash, and you don’t have to be without a vehicle.

Loans Acceptable also have an option to arrange cash for you.

  • The vehicle you want to sell, must be a paid-up vehicle, and registered in your name.

  • This option will give you cash in your bank, up to 48 hours after the tracker system was install in your vehicle.

  • You must bring your vehicle to our office in Pretoria, for the installation of a tracker system and Signing of our contract/ agreement. This will only take +-2 hours and you can then drive of with your vehicle, thereafter.

  • Please bring original Vehicle registration document with, for the check and valuation proses. We also need 3-months bank statements, 3 payslips, copy of ID, valid driver’s licence and proof of address. (WATER AND LIGHTS BILL)

  • The vehicle licence disk must be valid, and not in arrears.

  • You may qualify for up to 30% cash of your vehicle value to maximum of R25 000,00 and is repayable within 3 or up to 6 months, with agreement to pay only the interest and on the end of the contract term you need to pay back your capital loan amount in full.

  • Terms and condition apply


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