Secured Lending – Debt Consolidation with Property as Security and 2nd Bond’s “Debt review clients most welcome.

Loans Acceptable is proud to announce a new special debt solution provider who will assists customers as home owners to consolidate their debt and clean their credit profile listings with various credit bureaus. The customer will be assisted by; 

  • Firstly ascertaining the credit health status 
  • Analyzing the current financial position 
  • Providing a tailor made solutions to help the customer to achieve their monetary goals 

We assist home owners that have judgments and defaults against their names to apply for the debt consolidation product! 

 Debt consolidation is one of the safest and cost effective methods to move towards financial freedom.

 Loans Acceptable will: 

  • Use the equity in the customer`s property to consolidate all debt while the property remains in the customer’s name 
  • Provide education with regards to budgeting and money management in order to help the customer with healthy money management practices 
  • Help the customer to maintain a strong monetary future by providing the necessary skills to take responsibility for their financial future 

Process to follow:

  • Send application or referral  to your agent, please include payslip and Municipal account
  • We will respond within 24 hours to inform you of an approval in principal or decline 
  • We will request additional documents once there is an approval. 
  • We will set up a meeting with the client at their home
  • If the client accepts our product the transaction will be send to the Credit Committee

On approval, instructions are send to the attorneys


Please Note:

The house will be finance with private investors’ money, not the banks money.

This Home Loan option is to assist the client for a 5 year period, to recover from his current debt position.

(For Example – Client under sequestration. After rehabilitation period of 24 months, client will be clear on ITC and can re-apply for a bond again, and settle the bond with the investors)

After the 5 years, the client, can sell the house and make profit, or re-finance the house with the banks products.

With the understanding that the investor, will want his capital amount (Loan Amount) back after 5 years.

Please read the full process as per attachment, to get a clear understanding, before you apply.


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