Check your Status: (ITC Report), & Clear your Name on ITC.

Loans Acceptable may request a customer’s personal credit status report with prior authority from a customer. Loans Acceptable work hand in hand with a supplier and their nominated attorneys, to gather all ITC reports available and send the report to the customer for his personal use and for the use of attorney’s thereafter. The cost of this product is R500.00 non-refundable and includes the combined ITC reports as well as an evaluation report from our suppliers on the clients financial situation. Also includes a quotation, of the cost there after to clear your name on ITC. (The R500.00 is not the only cost, and the R500.00 will not clear your ITC). The price on the quotation, that follows, is payable to the suppliers, to clear your ITC, and can also be done in installments to make it affordable for the client.

For a customer to get Status report printed, he can print the application on line and send the request back to us. Loans Acceptable offers the service to customers to apply for clearing their names and all bad references they might have on their status report. Specially for clients with debt below R30 000.00 or are not under debt review anymore, as well as to remove all inquiries on your ITC. This is a legal procedure and takes a minimum of 7 days up to, more than a month, depending the clients situation.

Power of attorney for ITC 


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